FDN is a health model of getting to the root cause of dysfunction in the body. We look at ALL the systems, and find the stressors that are contributing to dysfunction and remove them, restoring function in all the systems of the body. This includes hormone, immune, detoxification, digestion, energy, and nervous systems. Ones these systems have been restored to their optimal functioning, the body can once again do what it was designed to do. It can heal itself.

In this way, we don’t work specifically with disease. We correlate disease and symptoms with dysfunction in the body, discovering healing opportunities.


The first step will be to order any lab kits that might be relevant to your health. As you wait for those kits to arrive, several intake forms will be e-mailed to be filled out at your earliest convenience. You will also be asked to fill out a 3-day food, symptom & poop journal (Lets talk about poop, baby. It’s the best insight we have to your guts!). Once that is complete you can schedule our initial consult!

Initial Consultation

This first sessions is for you to tell me as much as possible about your health story. Although many people have a “triggering incident” they can trace their health crisis to, I firmly believe that our entire lives complete our health story, and we have to look at it all to find the root causes. This first session is also a place for us to discuss the nature of our coaching relationship, your health goals, and to review your intake forms and food journal. From here we can create an individualized plan for your unique needs. If needed we may discuss natural allopathic support for acute function distress, but we will definitely begin to implement diet, rest, exercise, and stress reduction support.

Results & Recommendations

Once I have received your results I will send you an email so that you can schedule your Results & Recommendation session. Results will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours of this session. Your R&R session will include detailed lab analysis and symptom correlation, followed by a comprehensive 90-day diet and lifestyle protocol. Practitioner grade supplements and nutraceuticals will be offered to you via Fullscript at discounted rates, whenever possible (sometimes I will recommend from other companies, as I want you to get the very best support for YOU).

Follow Up Support, Mental and Emotional Root Causes, Diet and Lifestyle Coaching

Packages vary, and custom packages can be created to best suit your needs. All packages will include 1 to several 15, 30 45 or 60 min follow-up sessions that we can book weekly or bi-weekly for the next 3-6 months depending on the package. These sessions are to help track progress, troubleshoot, and provide you with any guidance that might be needed to help you through your journey. Because stress comes physically, biochemically, mental/emotionally, and spiritually, it is important to make sure you are looking at root causes in all of these areas. Depending on your needs, we may focus on some, or all of these stressors at different times throughout our coaching sessions. We can discuss the best way to address these together during your Intake Session, with the fluidity to adjust to your needs as layers unfold.

Final Session

During our final session, we will reassess your symptoms, and evaluate any further improvement you might like to make, as well as to discuss how to continuing your new healthy lifestyle far beyond our time together. You will be invited into a free facebook group where you can ask questions regardless of whether or not you are still working with me one on one.

I often recommend follow-up testing if we are dealing with chronic illness, or if new symptoms emerge, or to insure that we have cleared out the interference we discovered. Often things will have shifted, and we may need to course correct. Healing is like peeling an onion. Sometimes the top layer is really gnarly and brown, and as we peel that away, there is a fresh clean healthy layer. But sometimes there are a few layers that need to be peeled away.

I’ve also heard healing spoken about as a staircase. For some of my clients, they are actually only one step away from total health. We work on those base root causes, and healing begins naturally right away. But for others (like myself), there are more contributing factors to dis-ease. There are more steps we need to move through to get the body back to health. But luckily, that is exactly where my practice excels. We will continue to investigate until we have healed at the deepest layers possible, and until you have all the knowledge and confidence needed to move forward in your life without my support, as your own health advocate.

Remember, the road to health is a lifelong journey, and doesn’t end after a 6 month reboot! This is to insure that you are moving forward in the best health.

Additional lab R & R’s can be offered as an addition to any package, as one offs.

At any point after your package is complete, you are able to book one off appointments with me at your convenience, or we can create a custom package just for you to suit your needs.


I have advanced training in state of the art functional lab testing and interpretation. These labs include, but are not limited to:

DUTCH – Dried Urine Test Comprehensive Hormones

GI-MAP – Comprehensive tool Pathogens Testing

SIBO – Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

Thyroid Testing – TSH, Free T3, Free T4, TPO, TgAB, Reverse T3

OAT – Organic Acids Testing

MRT – Mediator Release Test for Over 150 Food Sensitivities (not available in British Columbia, CA)

HTMA – Hair Testing Mineral Analysis

*Remember lab fees are separate from practitioner fees, and whenever possible are paid directly to the lab! I do not handle insurance, but you are welcome to submit your bills for reimbursement.