Dear ones,

I’m so pleased so many people have been reaching out to me for advice on their health, after learning that is where I’ve been training and educating myself for the last many years. Believe me, I want nothing more than to support you.

But, the thing is, I can’t offer you a quick fix, or remedy for a symptom that you’re having. I hear that you don’t want to crave sugar anymore. I hear that you are devastated by your acne, and want it gone gone gone! I hear that your stomach has been gurgling for two years, and that you are constantly exhausted, and that your moods are tumultuous and you find yourself irritated easily.

These are just some of the symptoms I’ve had friends and strangers approach me with. And I wish I had a quick fix; a one size fits all answer for you. But I don’t. And that is what makes me a fantastic and functional practitioner.

Here is the thing: My intake is super extensive. There’s about an hour of forms, and then about an hour or so of talking about your health history, your goals, how you’ve felt in the past, emotional components, your whole story.

And then after that, we keep returning to the roots. We keep digging deeper until we uncover new areas to heal.

Because I do not believe that you just have one symptom that a pill or herbal supplement can “fix’. The way I work with symptoms are by uncovering the roots. I want to get to the root of the symptoms to find your opportunity to heal.

You can think about it like this: addressing disease is finding a pill, cure, herb, modality that targets symptoms. But I bet you have already tried that. I sure as hell have. And the symptoms might go away temporarily, but they come back, or new symptoms occur. It’s just a band-aid that creates a cascade of symptoms in other areas.

But what if we tried addressing health, instead? What if we assumed that dis-ease in the body is dysfunction. And to heal the root cause, we need to work with the body as a whole, complete entity, and heal the root cause of dysfunction that is creating dis-ease.

I just recently moved to Nelson, BC, a beautiful town in the mountains. My first weekend here I ended up at a permaculture workshop on using livestock with your farming. During this awesome presentation, Takota Coen had an anecdote about cows that really stuck with me;

Back in the day, ranchers would actually set diseased cows loose because the cost of the bullet it would take to shoot them was too much. It was cheaper to just set them free to die. But here is the remarkable thing! A few months later, these cows would come wandering back, healthier than any of the other animals the ranchers had on the farm. Eventually, the ranchers started tailing their cows to find out how they were healing their diseases. The cows would wander until seemingly random places, and then would start eating the dirt. They would eat dirt, pounds of it, for a few months, and get healthier and healthier.

The cows had become diseased from lack of minerals, nutrients, and the correct microbiome system. Poor diet and lifestyle contributed. And all of this created disease. When the cows removed those factors, and started supplementing with the minerals and nutrients their body needed, they returned to health.

I work with my clients with the education and knowledge that disease isn’t the problem. Lyme is just Lyme. Candida is just candida. Autoimmune is just the immune system. Each of these things are not to blame. They are just doing what they do. The problem is that somehow a body has moved far enough out of wack that it hosts an environment in which dis-ease can thrive.

The key to healing is to bring the body back to it’s optimal function. To uncover the root dysfunction within the hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification, energetic, and nervous systems. To create the optimal conditions for health. And once that happens, the body knows what to do to heal. That is where the body’s innate intelligence can unfold, and take care of chronic issues.

Our job is to figure out where and what the dysfunction is, and what the body needs to either have, or remove, to heal it. This can be biochemical, lifestyle, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual.

And so, please, do keep writing to me, and asking questions, because I want you engaged with your health. But it is safe to assume that I am not going to have a one hit answer for you. I’m probably going to suggest we dig deep. Find out what is going on at the root of your dis-ease and work from there. I’m going to suggest we talk about your WHOLE health history, because it has taken your entire life to end up here.

And because I want nothing more than for you to actually heal. Truly and fully. And I will keep investigating and working to heal at the deepest layers possible with you.

If that sounds like the kind of work you are interested in, please feel free to book a free Discovery Session with me HERE.

And do keep in touch. In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing more about my own healing journey, and how I healed using biochemical functional lab testing, diet and lifestyle changes, potent botanical protocols, meditation and body scans, emotional release, and the art of mindful presence.

I’ll also keep these hopefully not offensive comparisons to permaculture and health coming! 😀 After training in TCM, I see micro and macro everywhere, and love how farming and health are the same to me. They are both just care-taking. We need to care-take our bodies, just as we care-take the soil we grow our foods on.

The goal of both is to create optimal conditions for beneficial aspects to thrive. This creates health. 

Until next week, to your health!


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